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TMG Shooter

The human colony on Tau Ceti is under attack by hostile alien forces! Take control of your space ship and fight to save the colony.

TMG Shooter is an action filled, old-school space shooter available for iPhone and iPad.



Enter Forrest Cameranesi's Eternal. Embark on this epic journey as you travel through time and space, in hopes of saving humanity from a dark, desolate future.
Eternal is an old school first-person shooter, featuring a compelling and captivating story with a total of 52 huge levels. The scenario is set in Bungie's Marathon universe, and picks up where the Marathon trilogy ended.

Go to the Eternal page to download the game. It's available for free for MacOS X, Windows and Linux!

OBS! The games below are no longer supported and won't run on newer versions of MacOS. Use at your own risk.

High Voltage 2

High Voltage 2 is a colorful and addictive arcade game for people of any age. In the game you take on the role as an electrical current, trying to stay alive by collecting batteries and avoiding resistors. It's a munchies game with a few twists. The game is available for MacOSX.

Click on the name for more information, as well as a chance to try out the shareware version of the game!

NoseDive Prowl

The human colony on Tau Ceti is under attack by hostile alien forces. Take control of your space-ship and fight to save the colony.

NoseDive Prowl is a simple FreeWare game for MacOSX.

MacOS 10.4 or newer.

Click here to download the game. Only 284 kb!
MacGamer: "Simple, fun and addictive"

Stunt Copter

Stunt Copter is an old Macintosh game made by Duane Blehm, in 1987. Duane passed away a few years ago. But we've converted Stunt Copter to MacOSX, so this generation of mac-gamers can have the chance to try out this old classic, and veteran gamers can have a nostalgia trip back to the days ;)

MacOS 10.4 or newer.

Click here to download the game. Only 460 kb!

Antique Games
Here under "Antique Games" as we so humorously call it, we have listed all of our older games for pre OS X systems only. The graphics in these games are quite out-dated to say the least. But the gameplay is still just as good or bad as it was when we made the games.

The Kisser. In this game your're an escaped mental-patient who is on a kissing spree. Kiss cows, hens and aliens.
Download: The Kisser (4.2 Mb)

Gog Fighter is a simple fighting game. One can play single player in real time or turnbased mode. There are also multiplayer games supporting up to three players.
Download: Gog Fighter(1.0 Mb)

Double Zero is an arcade game where you shoot bricks with a round phone bouncing around on the screen.
Download: Double Zero(1.2 Mb)

High Voltage! is an arcade game in which you take control of an electrical current trying to stay alive, by collecting batteries and avoiding resistors.
Download: High Voltage!(963 kb)

One Eyed Fred is no longer available.

In Production
KnockAbout is our most ambitious project so far. It's a fighting game with beautiful graphics and full packed with none stop action!
Check out KnockAbout

Gog's adventures is an arcade game for people of all ages. Help Gog to tackle all the dangers lurking in the once peaceful world of Mac-Land.
Check out Gog's Adventures