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High Voltage 2

General Information:
You are a yellow pulsating electrical current. It looks a bit like a snowflake. You steer the current with the mouse. If you watch the screen closely, you see the cursor as a small cross. The current will follow this cross when you move the mouse.

The objective of the game is simple. Take power-ups and avoid resistors to stay alive. When you've started a new game, you can see on the top of the screen how many units of current you've got. When all units are gone, you will lose a life. When all your lives and energy units are gone, it's game over.
Playing tips/hints:
Try to stay clear of the elephant heads' sight (move around a lot), as the rocket resistors tend to surprise you.

Move away from the middle when the rotating box explodes, to avoid the homing resistor.

If you're invincible and the drugged current appear, avoid him as he can still drug you, and you'll lose your invincibility.

When you're invincible, try to crash into both power-ups and resistors to get more points.
Trouble shooting/Performance tips:
If the game runs sluggish, try switching the background to either "Background picture" or "Flat colored background" in the preferences.

The game is not officially supported on anything older than system 10.5. It was however tested on both an Intel iMac and a G5 iMac with 10.4.11 installed, and it ran smooth on both.

NoseDive Prowl

General Information:
You maneuver your small space-ship with the mouse, and fire with the mouse button or space key. The objective could not be more simple - shoot everything that moves.
Playing tips/hints:
Try to take out the bigger baddies fast before they can cause you any damage.

Kill enemies instead of avoiding them to earn more points.
Trouble shooting/Performance tips:
If you're having trouble with clicking outside the window, use the space key instead of the mouse button to fire.

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