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March 04 2023

A new version of TMG Shooter is now available!
Changes in version 2.2.4 include:

  • Rapid fire power-up added.

  • Level map added.

  • Improved interface.

  • TMG Shooter is an old-school space shooter, and is available for the iPhone and iPad through the Apple App Store.

    February 26 2023

    A new version of Cowtapult is now available!
    Changes in version 1.1.2 include:

  • Improved scaling on newer iPhones.

  • Balloon popping effect added.

  • Level 10 and 60 unlocking bug fixed.

  • More level objectives for level 18 and 49.

  • Level 54 is now slightly easier.

  • Added a new animal.

  • Cowtapult is an easy to get into, fun and exciting game for people of all ages. Send your cow flying through dozens of levels with loads of different objectives to complete. Shoot your cow through the ring of fire, knock birds out of the sky, pop balloons, collect stars and much more!

    February 19 2023

    A new version of The Radiant Math Game is now available!
    Changes in version 1.0.4 include:

  • Improved scaling.

  • Lazer guns added.

  • Platform obstacles added.

  • The Radiant Math game is a fun math/arcade game for people of all ages.
    Blast your way through space, trying to stay alive by collecting and adding up numbers. Collect positive numbers to score points, avoid negative numbers to stay alive.
    The game is available for iPhone and iPad from the app store!

    Nov 30 2022

    A new version of Lava Crew is now available!
    Changes in version 1.0.1 include:

  • Save slots are now a lot cheaper.

  • Bug where the game might crash if the AI console was opened and closed too quickly fixed.

  • Bug where the player could get stuck on the game over screen fixed.

  • In the year 2124, you are the sole survivor of a team of elite planetary surveyors, tasked with stabilizing newly formed planets for habitation.

    The problem is, you have nothing but a few moss clumps, a pool of water, and your own lightning fast reflexes standing between you and an endless hoard of Lava Beasts bent on your destruction!

    How long can YOU hold out?

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