Gog's Adventures will be coming to a Macintosh near you soon!

In the world of Mac-Land it was forbidden to steal Apples. Gog knew this and he would never ever dream of breaking this rule.
Then one day he was never the less accused of stealing Apples. An old color-blind man had seen him steal them. Gog knew that the only one who resembled him was the Black Gog.
In court the jury found him guilty of Apple-Thievery. As punishment he was sent to jail for the rest of his life.
But Gog's friends knew that he was innocent, so they came to his rescue and busted him out.
Now Gog has to find the Black Gog and put him in jail so he can clear his name. While on this epic journey Gog has to travel the six worlds of Mac-Land, avoiding cops, angry citizens and the Black Gog's hired hitmen.

Gog's Adventures is an arcade game for MacOS X and MacOS 9. In the game you take on the role as Gog, a cute little green creature. The game is viewed from the side. Control Gog through different gaming screens. Each screen contains a key which you need to obtain to move on to the next level. Play through six different environments each containing their own enemies and unique challenges like flying an helicopter, diving under water or go into space to face the dangerous robots of Mars.

The game will be released as shareware for only US 7$.

Below you can see some screen-shots from the game. Click on the images to enlarge them:

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