God bless you each and every one.



Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 453 - 2007 12 30 South Wartzor




In Christ there is no fear,

If you have received Christ into your life, there's no need for any fear. There is nothing left to fear. What's death? Nothing but another trip, a trip home to the welcoming arms of the Father. Knowing Jesus on a personal basis is so cool, He sends His Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher and Helper, He works wonders.

Photo © Lennart Hallgren

There is nothing that He can't do. Many times we hinder Him from healing or helping us due to our disbelief.

When God healed my back, I didn't really have much faith (I have written about this earlier). I didn't put my hand up when I was asked to do so in church, but I did whisper to the Lord "I know that You can heal me if You want to". This was enough for that occasion, the Lord healed me on the spot, that was back in 1976 and it has lasted until now. The doctor's (two of them) said I would NEVER get healed, but God healed me anyway. I'm afraid that we give Him very little credit for His mighty acts.

We often take the Lord for granted. When we thank Him, our thanks turn into blessings that rain back on us. He recycles our thanks if you will. If you want more of the Lord's blessings, be sure to give Him your thanks.

Thank Him always.


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 452 - 2007 12 24 South Wartzor



All my art and music is inspired by the Lord,

Calma © Benjamin Antell

I basically have no other source of inspiration, nothing else really grabs me like He does. Sure I've done a few commissions, but nowadays I only do them if I can do what I want. I never paint other people's ideas, what's the point? Since I live in the world, some stuff has rubbed off on me, that's only natural. But the inner me is consumed with the mysteries and revelations that the Lord gives me. It's an exciting life, rough sometimes...but cool.

Manifestavision, my first art exhibition after I'd met Christ.

Indianapolis Skytrain © Benjamin Antell

When I did the Manifestavision Exhibition in Stockholm...I didn't even know what I was painting most of the time. Images just came to me sometimes before I painted, at other times, while I was painting (it's different every time). When the whole collection was ready, I asked the Lord what each painting meant. Basically I just wrote down what He told me, it was pretty easy. Now when I think back I'm kinda surprised how clear God was to me at that time in my life.

Swedish media were also intrigued by my art since I was (as they put it) “young and Christian”. They seemed to find it strange that I had a connection with God while I was young... The Swedish broadcasting company Utbildningsradion did a TV interview with me called "Finsk i Sverige" which means "Finnish in Sweden". It was on the air many times both in Sweden and in Finland, which was fun since I got to show many paintings.

Almost every time I touch my guitar or another instrument, a song pops out. Sometimes it's kinda disturbing that I don't have recording equipment in all parts of the house. The music just flows. Most of the lyrics are in English, since I think in English most of the time...or so it would seem. Most of my fans are "out there", scattered all over the world. Most of them speak English, but here where I live in Finland it's different. Many don't understand English, so now I'm writing songs in Swedish as well...since I live in a Swedish speaking part of Finland. It's kinda strange since I don't listen to Swedish music myself. I just feel like I have to do it since I'm out here playing live with a friend. It's all about communication, spreading God's word.

The first years that I toured in Finland and Sweden, we (BAB) only sang in English, since we mostly played live festivals and concerts where the audience was young and progressive. Those were blessed days, in some places the kids would bounce off their seats digging the music having fun. I hope I can tour some more with my band one of these days.

It would be cool now that I'm more mature on a spiritual level. However it's all up to God, if He wants me to do it I will, if He doesn't I won't. For the time being I'll gig with my friend Pontus, playing more simple tunes, boogie, blues and country while focusing mostly on Finland and Sweden.


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 451 - 2007 12 23 South Wartzor



The last two years I've had to "unlearn" many things.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

Most of them I can't even mention, because it will only confuse people who are caught up in man made rules and religious mumbo jumbo.

The Holy Spirit has given me many eye-openers. I was fooled by wrong teaching, by teachers who teach what they take for granted. Stuff that is passed on through generations, things that no-one has really given a second thought. Much of it I shelved as I became a Christian, mostly because I didn't know what to make of it. It's strange how much we pass on without thinking about it, and most importantly of all...stuff we don't compare with God's Word to see if it holds water.

I'm truly grateful to have a teacher like the Holy Spirit.    Without Him I'd still be blind as the bat I was before I met God. I understood nothing much but the Ten Commandments. The rest was one weird soup of stories and sayings that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. And I didn't really see the connection between the Old and the New Testament. I didn't understand what Jesus did to the LAW, when He died for my sins! I was totally ignorant. I still thought about implementing some old rituals into my life from the Old Testament. Lucky for me, the Holy Spirit taught me "out with the bad air, and in with the good".

I now experience a greater freedom in my life, everything is so much clearer and I feel much closer to God.

I am much more open now, and the old insecurities are gone. I rely 101% on the Holy Spirit now, instead of confusing the "issues" with my own abilities. Now I truly understand that I can't do a thing without the Holy Spirit...except talk rubbish of course

God is a forgiving God.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

I remember when I had just met Him, God pointed out things that I did which were wrong in His eyes. Immediately when I truly asked for forgiveness, He blessed me right away! It was a wonderful feeling to be forgiven in a second. But that's how He is, forgiving and loving. God wants you to try Him! He wants to prove to you that He is good and that He loves you. That's all He asks really.

A friend of mine has raised enormous amounts of cash for the needy. He thought that this would guarantee him favour with God. He was very surprised when I told him that we can do NOTHING to make God love us more, or give us eternal life. We can't do Jack. Many people think like my friend. that they can push God to do this and that. That is not how it works. Nobody, not one single person on planet Earth is "worthy" eternal life.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

Not a single one!

We are all sinners and “the wages of sin are death”. So we need to repent and ask the Lord in Jesus name to forgive us our sins, and we need to ask Jesus to come into our heart and take over our lives. Jesus is the key to Heaven, because He stole the keys to death, when He rose from the dead.

There are truly evil priests and other teachers who claim that there is no Hell. They will no doubt end up in Hell themselves, until Judgment day when they will be thrown into the Lake of fire with the rest of the liars. This is their price for misleading the innocent. You can't mess with God's Word and expect to get away with it.

Many think that they can fool God...

They think that they can live their egoistic self-centered lives, and the do a good deed... As if that would make any difference. God decides who lives and dies, we don't have any say. He has however promised to save us through Christ. IF we repent and receive Christ into our lives, then will He save us. God never goes back on His word.

Naturally we can't do a lot of bad stuff with the intention of asking His forgiveness later. God is not stupid. Your prayers must always come from the bottom of your heart, otherwise they are like farts in the wind (yuk, what a choice of word). In other words they are totally meaningless (except for global warming). You only need to say your prayer once, repetition means nothing.c Automatic repetitious prayers like the ones Catholics pray, have absolutely no meaning what so ever. You can't say 300 "this or that prayers" as an atonement for your sins, that's crazy. It's totally un-biblical, and the Bible is God's Word. If we ask for forgiveness in Jesus name once, then we are forgiven! (I have nothing against Catholics, God loves Catholics too). Every prayer that you say needs to come from your HEART. Jesus is the ONLY Mediator between the Father and    man!


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 450 - 2007 12 22 South Wartzor



Photo © Benjamin Antell

My youngest son was in a head on collision last night. Luckily nobody died, my son got pretty beat up though. Ice on the road was the main reason for the crash.

We just don't know how much time we have left here on Earth. Jesus said be ready, for you don't know the hour which I come. Are you ready to meet the Lord of Lords? He might come any day now, to get His chosen ones from all corners of the world. It will be too late then, for those who do not know Him to come along! They will be left behind...

We who receive the Lord into our hearts, eventually end up running errands for Him, because we love him. If you don't know Him, you can't be of use to Him. Most people still think that a good deed will give them everlasting life, that is not the case. The only way we can receive eternal life is through Jesus the Son of God. I say this because I really know Him, and He has made this perfectly clear to me. Don't take my word for it, ask Him, and He will tell you the same.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

Eternal life is a free gift from Jesus.

He died in our place because we are all rotten to the core, we are all sinners. And the wages of sin is death. That's why Jesus had to come and die in our place. Now you can have eternal life! It is yours for the asking!

Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 448 - 2007 12 19 South Wartzor



I wrote about fearless children on my last write,

here's an example:

7-year-old Alexis Goggins from Detroit, a true hero.

Shouting "Don't hurt my mother" she threw herself between her Mom and her boyfriend who had already fired 2 shots at her Mom. Alexis was shot 6 times and is now at the Children's Hospital of Michigan. That's how God wants us to be, like children. I hope she makes it, and that they lock the animal up who did it. He needs to sit down and think about his deed. I don't see how a "normal" man could shoot a little child..."six times"... It has got to do with supernatural evil, he had to be driven to it by the spirit world. After all, life is a spiritual battle.

1. Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 447 - 2007 12 17 South Wartzor



God want's us to be like little children.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

Nobody seems to "get it"... A small child loves and defends his parents no matter what. A child would give its life for daddy or mommy. A small child is fearless and a lot like Superboy/girl. A child has no evil thoughts or hidden agendas. A child does not think about what will further its career, every time opportunity knocks. We learn to be evil by watching our grown up role models in life, the movies and by reading bad literature. We're taught to kill, manipulate, rape, con people, hate and mimmic grown ups. Since we are evil due to the fall of man, we suck up all evil that we see, like sponges. It's sad to see older kids teach small ones evil things.

I remember when I was about 4 years old, an older kid taught me to curse. I didn't even have a clue as to what I was saying, mostly because I was taught to swear in Finnish. I remember one time he told me to shout something to an old man on a bicycle. I have no idea what I said but the man got very angry and the next day there was a cop car outside our house. Man was I scared, I thought that they were going to kill me or something. Granny wondered what I had been up to, naturally I lied... It was probably my first lie. That's what always happens, first you do one thing wrong and then you end up defending your actions, lying about it. Sin has a tendency to "snowball" on you, the evil just keeps growing and before you know it you're really up the creek without a paddle.

Whatever you do, don't let the devil get you, Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 446 - 2007 12 15 South Wartzor



Pride is one high horse...

Photo © Fred Skymberg

The devil loves to ride it big time. If we are in the pride saddle for too long, we can't get down without Jesus' ladder, because of all the super glue.

Different denominations mean nothing to the Father.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

He sees us as one family. I believe that the different denominations are the devil's making. Division comes from the devil, so it's only natural that he would want to cause division in the church. We need to climb out of our sand boxes and off our horses!

People are dying around us while we are playing the "holier than thou" games. The devil is laughing at us and wringing his hands for every soul that stumbles blindly through the swing doors to Hell (thanks to our ignorance), while we sit on our high horses debating about worldly things. God have mercy on us.

Whatever you do, don't let the devil get you, Uncle Ben


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 444 - 2007 12 13 South Wartzor



The deceiver often uses sex to lure people away from their calling. I've seen it happen over and over. Often when God saves and wakes somebody up spiritually, the devil's little helpers are pretty soon around the corner with an (many times) unsaved guy/woman to lure them away from God's calling.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

It's a sad thing to see. The saved one struggles hard trying to save their other half, sometimes they succeed, most of the time not. It doesn't really matter to the devil, just as long as everybody gets hurt and the one with the anointing is stopped from performing his/her duties for the Lord. Sometimes it happens simply to keep people from finding joy in the Lord.    I've seen it happen to a many. Some of them end up as captives in their marriages or other commitments.

Photo © Caroline Antell

I guess most of us go "blind" when "love" comes knocking on the door, even though it often is simply lust. Many of us can't tell the difference between sex and lust, because of the filth we are bombarded with in the media etc. in our daily life on planet Ego. Society tells us that it's OK to live like pigs with as many partners as we can.    They urge us to have sex with anybody or anything, they tell us to grope around to see what works for us. Basically anything goes. Society also claims that there is no God or devil, and that the Bible should be tailored to entertain us, instead of setting moral standards, like it does for our own good. Those who live godly lives never get sexually transmitted diseases, it's just not possible since we don't sleep around. And since there are no Christian homosexuals, we can't get AIDS or HIV. Of course there are homosexuals who "claim" to be Christians, but that's      disobedience to God's word.

Mark 7:6-7

Homosexuality is a spirit.

Those who think that they are homosexuals are usually driven by a spirit who causes them to act they do. Some even take the name of the spirit who has taken possession of their bodies. These people have often been abused as children. Then there's also a little group of people who are living as homosexuals just because it's fashionable to be a queer in these last days. Naturally they will become targets for evil spirits and many of them will die in AIDS or HIV. I'm not saying that we should treat homosexuals badly, we need to show them the love of God. Jesus can set anybody free from anything, just like that. We all sin so what's the big deal? I think it's disgusting how we pamper perverts who willfully contaminate others, through their immoral lifestyles.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

Many innocent victims end up paying the price for a few perverts who live in lust like animals, humping everything they see and can...

(In San Francisco the homosexuals mix Viagra with Cocaine and do "the train"...which means about 50 guys humping each others behind's in a long row for hours. I'm not kidding I know it's true, I know many homosexuals).

Heterosexuals who contract AIDS and HIV are infected by homosexuals or bisexuals (those who have sex with both women and men). Since homosexuals often tend to give blood, they also infect many innocent people this way. Those who have spiritual lives, automatically know in their spirit what is contrary to God's will. That is why true Christians live clean lives with one partner, because it is the will of our heavenly Father. Those who don't live clean lives have no room in Heaven, unless they repent. I know that many will hate me for telling the truth, I don't care. I'm doing it because most people are intimidated by the system, and just go with the flow. I know that many people feel like me, but they are afraid to say what they think.

It's already begun...

Many of the new Bible translations suck big time. The translator's are often people with hidden agendas, they are (among other things) trying to wipe out the connection between the Old and New Testament. Jesus' name has been deleted from hundreds of passages already, I'm not going to go into details here, but it sure is a mess. If you start studying the Bible today, don't just go for the newest one. I have a number of Bibles, I often compare the translations and naturally I always pray for guidance. It's easy to get lost without the Holy Spirit.

An angel of the Lord stops a tractor.

Photo © Caroline Antell

I heard about an interesting incident yesterday. A farmer was out on the fields nearby with his tractor and all of a sudden there was a bright light over his ride and the engine stopped. He got out to see what was going on, and there was an angel of the Lord standing by the Tractor. He told the man something like "Jesus Christ is coming very soon", and then he told the farmer to spread the news. Then the angel disappeared and the tractor started by itself. It happened just a while ago in a town nearby.

One of our pastors said that he thought that angel visitations might become common occurrences in these last days, but I know of many who have seen angels, even in my family. I don't think that it's uncommon at all! My dad saw one when he was a kid, it stood by his bedside and had purple clothes. Naturally everybody laughed at him as he drew the angel in class, since everybody thinks that angels have only white we're stupid and robotic most of the time.


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 443 - 2007 12 12 South Wartzor



First I'd like to ask God to bless you whoever reads this...

Jesus: "How can you call me Lord, if you don't do what you say"?

All believers should be out in the streets, in clubs, bars, at football games etc., telling people about Christ, leading them to the Lord. We should be saving their lives, but instead many sit at home watching TV, or at church listening to their favorite hymns. Of course we need to go to church, but if we don't use the info we receive there, to reach the lost...what's the point? We become totally worthless to the Lord, if we don't bear fruit (lead people to the Lord). The Lord is very clear about that in His word.

Revelation 20:15 If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

Hell is like a concentration camp for the unsaved, and the Lake of fire is like the deadly showers. I don't mean to scare you, but that is how it is. If you ask Christ into your life, you won't have to die twice. (see the prayer below the write).

Revelation 20:14 Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.

Religion is like bad breath, you might not know that you have it, but everybody else knows it. Religion was one of the reasons that it took me so long to find the Lord. I was never interested in religion, I didn't see the point in all those man-made rituals. There was no life in what I was taught, it was so artificial or false. And above all there was no love. I'm glad that God decided to override everything to save me.

Don't let the devil get you.

Oilpainting © Benjamin Antell

God truly pulled me to Himself, and I will never forget what He did (and does) for me. He is so full of love. And I used to think that He was cold, man was I barking up the wrong tree. That's the picture you easily get of God, if you listen to dead religious people, who don't know Jack about Christ and His works. After all it's all about Grace, nobody is worth it, but anybody can get it. Yes, any idiot on planet Earth. It don't make no never mind who you are or what you've done, life is yours for the asking, if u repent! Many decline God's offer of life, just because some poor people suffer...that's what they say anyway. (so why don't they help them then?)    I think it's just an excuse they cough up, because of the fear of the "unknown".

Many are afraid to leave their "comfort zone". Naturally it isn't God's fault that people suffer all over the planet. It is all our fault! We (the fortunate ones) have all the money and the food needed, to help the suffering part of the world. But we have chosen not to help. So have YOU! Yes, you are equally guilty of not helping. What have you done for the unfortunate ones? Not a whole lot I bet, but it's easy to put the blame on God, government or others. If we all did our part, nobody would have to suffer.

Photo © Sixten Sandvik

We could give far more than we do... If we got back to God, He would heal us in all possible ways. I'm talking Utopia here, naturally we will never get there, but I think that we should try never the less. It would be a start, and we can make a difference, when we obey the Father. God can do anything if we obey, He is not bound to the laws of nature (mother doesn't enter into it).

Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 441 - 2007 12 07 South Wartzor



Some say that it's pointless to lead people to God if there is no follow up... That is one stupid statement, mostly made by lazy people. Of course it's good with follow up, but what about the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit dead? Has He joined the Choir Invisible? Has He contracted Alzheimer's disease? Is he at some home for the elderly in Heaven with two cans of Coke taped to His head, sucking away on His straws, with His teeth on a hovering night stand? Hardly, He is just as powerful today as He ever were.

Home of the elderly in Kungsgården (Ålderdomshemmet), Sverige 1961 © Benjamin Antell

We should pray that people receive Him right there on the spot, after they have given their lives to Christ. After all, the Holy Spirit's other title is the Helper. He can lead anybody to any Church or passage in the Bible, we only need to stay sober and listen.

I detest people who never say what they mean, and just slither along like snakes in the grass.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

"I'll be back"!

Jesus always said what was on His mind without any respect to person. He just laid it on the line and kicked ass. When they turned the local church into a place of business, He showed His holy anger as He kicked butt and chucked the tables out. He didn't come crawling with a bunch of suggestions, He made a whip and cleared the building. I think of Him as the Terminator, but with a brain to match His pondus. And Jesus was the one who definitely coined the phrase "I'll be back"!


Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 440hz - 2007 12 06 South Wartzor



Before I met the Holy Spirit I thought that all religions were "connected".

Back by popular demand, Photo © Fred Skymberg

I used to think that God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Buddha and basically all other gods and faiths were the same. I was totally ignorant and did not understand that satan was a copycat who desperately tried to copy everything God did, just to confuse people.

When I met Holy Spirit (the Helper) for the first time, it was as if somebody had suddenly turned on my lights for the first time. Wow, I had no idea that I was living in total darkness, which I had been doing basically all my life. I had heard stories about Jehovah (God) and His Son Jesus, but I had no clue as to who they "really" were.

Now I know without a shadow of a doubt who God is. “I Am who I Am”    is actually ONE and we    talk all the time. God is always there, “sometimes” he seem to be quiet though. I don't know why that is, but I still know that he is there, because I can feel his presence all the time. There are no points of reference on Earth for most of the spiritual stuff, the experiences and so on. Everything is entirely different in the spiritual world. God can touch you physically, I can feel His touch but I can't really explain it (it often feels electrical-ish). But I guess it's basically the same if you try to explain how it feels when a friend is touching you. You just feel and know it, but you can't really tell anybody exactly "how" it feels. The touch of God is "more" than an earthly touch though, because you get saturated with a force that you feel but is out of this world. God is waiting for you to "try Him", He really wants U to get to know him!

If you feel drawn to Him, it is actually Him pulling you towards Himself. That's how it works, so try God when it happens. Naturally He is always there. It's not complicated, all it takes (sometimes) is patience. After you've repented and received Jesus as your Saviour, you ARE saved, just believe it. God does not take back His word, so even if you "feel" like nothing happened, don't be fooled. Something new and grand has just begun in your life. Hold on to your salvation by getting to know God. Start by reading the New Testament, just dive in anywhere, you will notice that you are guided as you do. Pray for guidance before you read, that way you'll be sure to see the light. I used to fall asleep reading about “who is who”. But now I try to study God’s word every day, that is how it should be.

The Bible is our manual!

For some reason God loves to talk through His word the Bible. When I ask Him things, He often points to a word in the Bible most of the time. Sometimes He urges me to look up a passage or verse that holds the answer to my question. It's funny how totally accurate the reply is even though it was written 2000 years ago or so. That way God has answered thousands of my prayers or more.

My life without God was boring to me, everything felt like a total waste of time.

I guess a part of my depression was the fact that I lived in Finland at the time. Most people in this country look like they have one foot in Hell and the other in a blender. It's dark, cold and gloomy most of the year, and people are pretty depressed most of the time. We hardly ever touch each other unless we are drunk, and then it's mostly fists anyway. Finns mostly kill family members, or relations... Alcohol often makes Finns totally crazy.

This is certainly my experience, I've traveled around the Globe. I'm talking about Finnish speaking Finns, they have a different heritage, they came via Russia with their accordions to Finland. Finn Swede's did not all come from Sweden, as Finnish speaking Finns suppose.

Now God helps me not to get so affected by the gloom around me, but I do admit it can be tough to live in Finland if you are a positive person. I'm very glad that I finally got to meet God, He gives me joy and strength to endure.

Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 439 - 2007 12 04 South Wartzor



Some people worship "gods" that they have to wash, dress and feed...

That doesn't seem like much of a "god" to me. Why worship a "god" who can't do anything. Many also kill in the name of their "god", this would mean that they need to defend him too. If you think about it your so called "god" is really the one who should be worshipping you, not the other way around!

Photo © Fred Skymberg

I don't need to "defend" my God, the Creator (I Am) of the Universe.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

He can take care of Himself, and has control over everything. He gave us a free will to do anything, that is why we mess up at times. I make mistakes on a daily basis, because I'm only human. My God always forgives me my folly, because He knows I'm a dork, just like the rest of us. It all went bad the day we turned our backs on His perfect plan in the garden of Eden.

The beautiful angel satan went "gaga", and wanted to become "like" God. He was just a created being like the other angels, but He was given more power and beauty than he could handle, the rest is history.

I've seen the same thing happen to people around me, just because God has blessed them with good looks they go soft in the head and think that they are "more" than others. I've seen it happen now and then, I really feel sorry fore those people.

Others go weird just because God has given them gifts. They keep mentioning how fantastic they are, when all they have is a gift from God. And after all, there is always somebody who is much better, just like there always was one "faster" in the Wild West... That's why cowboys died around 20 years of age, people always have to prove themselves. I thank God that he has protected me from becoming a "primadonna”.

I'm basically happy for being alive. I've gone through a lot in life and I know that the Lord has saved my life many times.

I've crashed my MC into an American muscle car...ouch!

I've been operated on by mad Finnish doctors...ouch x many

I've been shot...thud!...eeek...aaaargh...

I've fallen off roofs...yaaaaaah!

I've almost been hit by trains and cars...whew...

I've played around with poisonous snakes who nibbled at my fingers and other creepy crawlers as a kid Down Under...

I almost drowned in a dam in Belmont, Queensland... gurgle...gasp...

I've been beat up and robbed in Vasa and in Helsinki by gangs (lucky me) in Finland.

I was threatened with a knife in LA by a high drug addict and that's only a part of the things... – “is this it"?

I was also about to run into trouble in a public toilet at La Guardia in New York city one night …eeek...

The God I serve is a powerful God, He created the entire Universe. When my friends and I pray for people He saves them and often heals them in different ways. He helps many economically and practically too. There is nothing that He can't do, but He doesn't like to be pushed around. After all it is He who is calling the shots. I don't think He cares much when people shoot their mouths off. (Like many spin doctors do)

Some think that He punishes them when bad things happen to them after saying bad things about Him, but that's not like God. I believe that when you turn you back on God, satan is allowed to kick you around, because he is always lurking there in the shadows. The only people that satan can touch are the ones who have turned their backs on God, and the odd Job. You can find the book of Job in the Old Testament, but that is a different story.

If we choose to live without God, we automatically give satan our keys. Why is that? There are two powers on Earth, God and satan. We either have to choose one or the other, that's it. God is the ruler of the Universe and everything that we see

Since satan will eventually be thrown into the Lake of Fire, he will do all evil that he can to the Earth. That's just the kind of evil person he is. He has no other reason for hurting us, than envy. The only thing on his mind is I, Me, Mine. He is a sad figure indeed. I find it weird that many would worship satan the mother of loser's. He is the biggest loser in the history of man. He sealed his doom when Jesus died on the cross, and rose from the dead. He must have gone beside himself when he realized what he had been a part of. The devil sawed off the branch he was sitting on when he tried to kill Jesus, the Lord of Lords. Now he has a snowballs chance in Hell of making it. In other word he has had it, he is finished. The devil (the old dragon) is waiting for his doom and he is not going to take it lying down.

That's why there is so much violence in the world, and different denominations, quarreling in church... satan is sowing division into our hearts to weaken the body of Christ. satan knows that God looks at Christians as one body, but blinded by the devil we've split up into different churches and become weak.

It's the devil's work in us.

He sure fooled us, and he is not through with us. He is going to kick us around until Jesus comes back to get His followers. To call yourself a Christian will do no good on that day "if" you don't know the Lord. A name or a title means nothing. You may be the Pope or any other self appointed big shot and still wind up in the Lake of Fire. God decides who lives and who dies, we have nothing to say about it at all.

If you have received Jesus into your heart, then you will stand to inherit His Kingdom which is not of this Earth. Life is a gift, we receive it in faith through the grace of God. This is His perfect plan.

This is our last chance. If we don't receive Jesus in our heart repent and ask for forgiveness for our sin (not doing His will), then we are doomed for all eternity. In that case we are totally worthless like trash, hence the Lake of Fire. People who read their Bible badly think that Hell is the end station, but it's not.

Photo © Pontus J. Back

Hell is just a holding tank for those about to be disposed of. On Judgment Day all those who do not know the Lord Jesus will be brought from Hell to stand trial. After this they will be transported to the Lake of Fire. I don't know much about the Lake of Fire, but it sounds pretty final to me. I know that the ones who end up there will have to die a second death.

There's more about the Lake of Fire in The Book of Revelations in the New Testament. I think one death is enough for me. So I've chosen to follow Christ, I want to do my Heavenly Fathers will. Not because I'm afraid of Him but because I love Him. He took the time to come visit me on Earth and for that I'm eternally grateful. I pray that He gives me strength to do His will as long as I live, and that I will not be tempted in any way so that I may lose my inheritance.

Not that the Lord really needs me, but just like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman let's the little boy carry his big bag, pretending that he needed help (just to be nice), I will do whatever God want's me to. For some reason God wants us to answer each others prayers here on Earth. He inspires us to do so, in different ways. As long as we obey God, the answers will come. Sometimes He intervenes in a Divine way by doing the impossible, but that's another story.

Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 438 - 2007 12 03 South Wartzor



God has seven Spirits. (Rev. 4:5)

Not much is mentioned about these seven Spirits. There's a lot we don't know about God, He has however revealed enough for me to trust Him completely. He has healed me and those around me many times. That is also strengthening to my faith.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

I asked the Lord for something important to share today. I remember a vision that I had only a few days after I had met the Lord. It was a revolving lamp stand of gold. Instead of candles there were seven stars (Rev.1). I think that the Lord is reminding me of how my first love for Him died, and that I needed to renew it. It is true, in the beginning I loved Him like there was no tomorrow, now I often take Him for granted somehow.

I need to refocus on the Lord somehow, on my first love.    I do feel that He is doing a lot in my life at the moment. He has boosted my boldness to talk about Him in public. I used to be a pretty shy person, now I realize the importance of sharing more. Without the information about the Lord that I possess, many would die. That is a grim fact, I'm probably guilty of many deaths (much blood). We do need to tell everyone about the Lord, if they refuse to believe, then it becomes their problem, not ours. We do need to tell them what we know, otherwise some will ask why we didn't.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

Praise Him for His mighty acts.

It's important that we praise (thank) the Lord for all that we have, and all that He has done. Not only in our lives, but what He has done for the world. Never forget to thank Him, He will bless you if you do! I think that we don't thank God half as much as we should. We just take Him for granted somehow. Thank Him, you won' regret it! Sing songs to Him, just make up your own songs, and sing them to Him. That way you will get to know the Lord better, and you praises will become more natural. It's important that we really get to know our Maker. Check out the Psalms that King David wrote in the Old Testament for inspiration, if you are dry as a bag of Silica Gel.

One of my oldest friends went to the library, in search of the mystery of life.

Thanks to scientists and secular “thinkers”, he lost his way. Now he believes in science instead of God (even though Darwinism isn’t science, but simple theory). Many scientists will be severely punished by the Lord for misleading billions of people. Unfortunately that will not change my friends fate. His only hope is, that the Lord once again draws him to Himself. And this time I'm hoping that my friend will look in the right direction.

Photo © Fred Skymberg

The devil is hard at work, deceiving people all over the world.    He knows that his time is limited, so he is in a hurry. Why he is so envious of man I do not know. He is however determined to fool as many as possible, so that they will not find life through Christ. He is very cunning, and he has myriad's of fallen angels (spirits) working for him. One of his wildest ploy’s is to make people believe that he doesn't exist.

It would seem that the devil and the angels working for him, are in one sense strangely stupid, since they – as "created" beings – thought that they could overthrow the Creator... I don't really understand how the devil can be both smart and stupid at the same time, but I guess that almost makes him human in a way. You can be intelligent and stupid at the same time, that I've noticed by simply watching the news.

The spirits working for the devil often have names descriptive of their disposition. For instance a spirit or demon that incites fear is called "Fear". Then you have Unbelief, Pride, Hate, Lust etc. Sometimes they have real silly names like UFO, Drums, Legion, Death, Blindness etc.    I know this sounds very weird to some but, since there are born again people reading my writes as well, I'm mentioning stuff that might help them to understand weird situations in prayer etc. We do come across very strange behaviours during prayer sessions as people are set free from possession, sin and bad health. It is very rewarding to see people get well after years of popping prescribed drugs of all kinds. Finally they are set free and can begin to live normal lives. If you don't stay close to God, it's very easy for the devil to lure you away from Him completely. I've noticed this in my own life. I used to spend too much of my time with unbelievers. This led me to gradually start talking and even acting as them. Luckily I noticed in time that I was slipping, it was no doubt the Holy Spirit nudging me to wake up. I'm glad that He keeps an eye on me, I've asked Him to do that and He is very trustworthy. Sometimes I have to ask Him to guard my mouth, because of my humor. My humor is not always easy to understand, since it's very complex at times... It does help to ask for help. If I stop joking completely, people often think I'm depressed or ill... I'm a happy guy because of the Lord, that's why I joke around a lot. The happier I get the more I joke sue me.

I wish I could find a cheap, worn early 60's Fender Stratocaster with original electronics on it The sound is so nice..

Photo © Kafebulla Lulladulla

No mint condition expensive thing, just a worn, rusty and dented workhorse to record and tour with. I love the sound of old Stratocasters. New guitars may look the same but the sound is completely different. The sound difference is more noticeable with the clean sound setting which I prefer. Guitars are like people, two guitars can look the same but sound totally different.

People are like that too, one might be nice the other a killer. Everything depends on the heart. One person might have the Holy Spirit in his heart and the other might have the spirit of greed or hate. That's what will determine their behavior. A person who has the Holy Spirit in his heart can never do evil things. A person who does not have the Lord in his heart can snap at any time and do evil things. That's what happens when people start shooting around themselves for no apparent reason. Evil spirits make them do it, it has nothing to do with their mental state per se. Some look and act as if they are crazy, but that's what happens when the devil's workers take over a man.

Enough about these meanies for today. I'm going to praise the Lord now. I'm going to try to put some music to scripture. Ciao!

Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 437 - 2007 12 01 South Wartzor



Photo © Benjamin Antell

The more I read God's word, the clearer it becomes. God wants us to be like children, innocent and trusting and He wants to be our Father. Throughout the Bible God keeps repeating this over and over. We need to be as far from Einstein as possible. This is a deep truth that most people seem to miss... We need to trust Him childishly.


Jesus said "I don't know you"!

Photo © Fred Skymberg

Wouldn't that be a sad thing to hear after all your "work"... But that's what Jesus told the men who had been "working", doing "seemingly good" deeds without divine guidance. They had no calling and were doing "their own thing", pretending it was the will of God for them to do whatever they "liked" to be doing doing. People were even set free from evil spirits, others were healed...but still there was no blessing in what they were up to. The men had no real relationship with the Lord, they were just toying with God's word for their own "seemingly" good reasons...whatever they were.

Matthew 21"Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

22 Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?'

23 Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

It's of great importance that we obey the Father. Religion is about    doing things that have no spiritual value! CHRISTIANITY IS A RELATIONSHIP, NOT A RELIGION!


David Mann pushed his 1971 Plymouth Valiant to the limit as he tried to out run the old 1955 Peterbilt 281 truck driven by Cary "superglue" Loftin, in the Spielberg movie DUEL.

Nobody can escape the choice we all "need" to make in life, real life is not like the movies. Heaven or the Lake of Fire. I don't mean to frighten anybody, but it is scary never the less. There is no middle ground.

The devil is never going to stop hounding us. He is one smart evil bugger and as long as we shun Christ, we won't have any protection against him.

When my dear old friend Max Book (the Swedish painter, whom I haven't seen for ages) pointed out that we really don't have a choice, I'd never even really thought about it. But it is true, we really don't...not if we wish to live.

When the Beatles sang "love is all you need", they were speaking the truth for once, although I'm sure that they had no idea what they were "really" singing about.

Most people don't really know what love is. Love is mentioned all the time, but Christ is one of few who really understood the meaning of the word, as He sacrificed His life for us. Now that is love.

I sang "Love is a stranger to many a man" on my latest cd since it seems to be very hard for us to really love each other on planet Earth. Due to this predicament we often forget that God loves us. We get so focused on not being loved in return, by those that we love with all our heart, that sometimes we don't even remember that God loves us with all His heart! What else really matters?

Photo © Caroline Antell, London.

God is always there for us.

How often do we thank Him for His tender mercies? Not often enough it would seem. We have a lot to be thankful for, just think back. All the possessions that you have, your health, your children etc. (whatever you have) all of us have "something" to be thankful for, some have more others less. There was a time in my life when I didn't even have food for weeks (in Finland, before I met God9), but I still had things to be grateful for.

Sometimes when I think of forgiveness, I remember the words of Jesus on the cross, when he told one of the seemingly "good for nothing" pirates on the cross beside Him "today you shall be in Paradise with me". I believe that this was said to demonstrate God's forgiving heart, and the fact that we, in ourselves can't do Jack to receive pardon. It is all a gift from Christ, a gift which we receive in faith.