Art exhibition at Stundars, in Finland. 20 May-June 28, 2001

Ikhthus Synchrotron
Private collection

All the prints are printed with permanent inks. The square one's are 1X1 meter in size. Most wide prints are 1.20m's high...width approx. 2.5m's.

There are +17 works on show, the largest one is ca. 1.2mX2.5m.
The artist has scanned his own drawings, paintings, *photos, objects and fragments there of. Then he has made collages of them in his computer, and reworked them about 70% in the computer.
(One *photo which was used for "the portrait of Darwin" was taken by his friend Stefan "APPLA" Asplund, in Thailand, during his sojurn in the jungle).

Only "one" signed print will be made of each work of art.
it will be signed as the "original Exhibited work".
Future copies will only be made for public museums or institutes etc..

The pictures at the exhibition have been under work mentally for about 5 years, they were finalized in 2001.
Benjamin is already busy with the next exhibition, which will be held in another country.