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You can dowload some of my albums from this page for FREE! I will add demo tapes and never before heard stuff later , when I find the time...and the tapes :-)

It's OK to copy/spread them for free (but not to sell them), you have my permission :-) I still own the rights to all my music, even though I've had recording deals in different countries. Since most of my records are sold out at the moment (in stores), I don't think that any company will mind all that much...

If you "want to HELP" financially, give a buck or two for the music to: Any poor people you see in the street or anywhere else. Many are "hurting", just help "someone" please!


Here are the free tracks from Liquid elev@tor

music & lyrics © Benjamin Antell

The album was available in a few versions, I don't even remember which one this was, but there you go. Industrial, pop and electronica mayhem. Some re-mixes were by Michael Wegar, others by Kalle Sinkkonen and a few tracks I recorded on my own, in my studio while I waited for the re-mixes.

Liquid elev@tor

1. Many a night (W)

2. Be my doctor yeah (W)

3. Sister Circumstance (W)

4. If U would Still B loving me (W&B)

5. Just a minute (B)

6. Box Americana (W)

7. Can't keep a good man down (B)

8. Departure (W)

9. Hollywood Pollywould (W)

10. Box Americana (S)

11. Coming up 4 Oxygen (B)

12. Box Americana III (S)

13. Box Americana IV (S)

In the bag

Track 1 Be Bop Dun de Dum.mp3
Track 2 There's a God in m.mp3
Track 3 The Money Song.mp3 (I have to ask if I can give away this John Kander tune, that I wrecked completely)
Track 4 If you find the li.mp3
Track 5 My darling daughte.mp3
Track 6 Waiting 4 elevator.mp3
Track 7 Watersong.mp3
Track 8 The Parrot and the.mp3
Track 9 Through a glass.darkly.mp3

(Release Waam 002) 1996, This was the first breakthrough CD since Waters (1982 Sweden-Canada release), ITB is a mix of electronica. Most instruments were played by hand though! We mostly used the sequencers as tape recorders, without quantizing anything, even if there are "some" loops.

The track God in my garage was on MTV Europe for many years! The track "There's a God in my garage" is also released by n'soul records in Hollywood, California, on their ELECTICA 3 1999 CD.

DJ's still think IN THE BAG still works because it's pretty timeless.

Box Americana

Track 1 Box Americana.mp3
Track 2 I'm just coming 4.mp3

Track 3 B my doctor yeah.mp3
Track 4 2morrow could B ye.mp3
Track 5 Many a night.mp3
Track 6 Hollywood Pollywou.mp3
Track 7 If...U would still.mp3
Track 8 My Billabong.mp3
Track 9 God in my garage I.mp3
Track 10 Sister Circumstanc.mp3
Track 11 My darling daughte.mp3
Track 12 Departure.mp3

(2000, Release by Riverside Records RRCD 109, Stockholm). This is a rock/pop record, it has been on the air for 7 years now at least in the USA.

Luna Park (NEW)

Track 1 Flowers in my hair.mp3
Track 2 I was looking 4 lo.mp3
Track 3 I love U so can't let U go.mp3
Track 4 Piccolo - Bell boy.mp3
Track 5 BIG BAM - Wham bam.mp3
Track 6 What a beautiful Dei.mp3
Track 7 Everything is relative.mp3
Track 8 Waiting here, what can I do?.mp3
Track 9 There's a space inside of me.mp3
Track 10 Camel Race - Helter skelter days.mp3
Track 11 Shyna a little love.mp3
Track 12 WYSIWYG - What did U x-pect?.mp3
Track 13 Wish I could dance like David did.mp3
Track 14 I'm coming home, 'cos I love U so.mp3
Track 15 One day you're here, one day you're gone.mp3
Track 16 I love my little girl(s).mp3
Track 17 When night is cold.mp3
Track 18 Delhi Delhi.mp3
Track 19 Coming or going?.mp3
Track 19 Really hidden track.mp3

(Release 2006-7) Waam 009, New!)

This seems to become my most popular recording to date. My old friend and CO-founding member of Ben Antell Band, Sixten Sandvik plays the drums, and I (Ben) play all the other instruments, while the band were on vacation. The album is a mix of Hi/Lo Fi, it has a live rock feel. The basic tracks were recorded live in my painter's ateljé. I then did over-dubs until I was happy with the end result.

ETF 3-4

Blacklight Records, Kokomo Indiana, USA.

Track 5.Climb Position Maximum

I had a high fever when I composed and recorded this track for Blacklight Records in one day.



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