WRITE 709 • May • 27 • AA 2010 South Wartzor

The spiritual realm.

The Hägg is blooming


God wants us to wake up, and look for Jesus. He has much to give us, but we can never function as He planned, unless we drop what we are doing and get to know the real Christ! Many so called Christians don't know God at all! Only a complete fool would be satisfied by going to church once a week, without knowing God. Nobody can get to know God by going to church for a couple of hours per week, that is crazy! We need to change the way we think. God wants us to get to know him. Holy Spirit can open our eyes to the spiritual world.

We are all wicked, many would not agree, but that's just because we are stuck in a rut. We are being shaped by the way we live and by the friends we keep. If we watch rubbish on TV, we will become full of it, and it WILL cloud our judgment! When we say negative things we often curse ourselves and others. I never really understood the danger of speaking and thinking negatively until lately... man have I been a slow gun. Naturally I have heard the message a million times, but I never "got it", duh. Now I've had to repent of a gazillion words, thoughts, my attitude, and I feel free in my spirit like never before. It's like I've got more oomph now!

Yesterday I experienced some entirely new things about the heavenlies. I can't talk about them, because most of you would not understand any of it, even if I tried. Wow, is all I can say! Get to know Jesus, press in and your entire life WILL change... not just once but continually. I can't believe how many times God has turned my life over COMPLETELY with His heavenly shovel of Grace. I keep learning new truths every day, because I look for Jesus every day. I can really recommend fasting (going without food), if you want to get some answers! My last fast was for 30 days, and it made a huge difference for me. I got a lot of answers to really old questions. Some were almost 4 years old, after the fast God told me what I wanted to know.



WRITE 708 • May • 24 • AA 2010 Finland


I believe that you can actually see Jesus if you want too,

I do, so why not you?

I met God a long time ago, way back in 1975. You can actually meet God, Jesus and Holy Spirit here and now. It's not necessarily something that you have to wait for until you kick the bucket! I became a believer when I met God for real. I could hardly believe it was real when He touched me, but I felt His touch, so I can never ever doubt Him for as long as I live!

God is love, don't let anybody tell U different!

Benjamin Antell

God is full of love and does not want a single person to perish. But life or death is OUR choice. If we choose God, we get to live for ever. If we don't want God, we automatically get satan. There is no neutral ground. My life got really exciting, since I let God in! God has changed my life around MANY TIMES! I keep changing all the time. When I do what Jesus commanded us to do in the New Testament, I change as a person. Spending time with God will change anybody for the better. We must learn to love God with all our heart and obey His Holy Spirit as He tells us what to do with our lives.

Casey © Benjamin Antell

Don't waste your life on the worldly pleasures, get a life! Check out the prayer below, and take charge of your destiny! You won't regret it.


Between the lines Feb/07/2010:

Jews flee Malmö as anti-Semitism grows



WRITE 707 • May • 23 • AA 2010 Finland



I believe that God is cleaning up His church

and His people.

Vasa harbor © Benjamin Antell

We really need to get our brains and the pews

scrubbed by Holy Spirit

Many of us have picked up too many worldly views, we must be careful not to watch too much secular television, media and read ungodly books. If we're not careful we will get a tan from the filth we shower our brains with on a daily basis.

You don't necessarily broaden your mind, by reading rubbish, as some would suggest. Filth is just that, filth.

The scientist Hans Jenny proved that speech does affect materia. This should tell us that our words are very important, every word should be weighed carefully. I know that this is easier said than done, but it should be our goal.

Personally I don't really understand people who watch most TV-series. For one thing, almost all of them are the same, they just have different actors. The story line is almost the same in all of them, except for a few silly jokes.

Many of them are subliminally programmed to make us ready for the New World Order, which is up around the bend. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks, it IS coming. Just like the Bible has warned us it would!

Those of us who don't understand the Bible will all be marked with a chip on their arm or forehead by the new world government.... like they mark the cattle in Europe.

That's why there are now show's on TV which have made tattoos very popular. This is just a way to get people used to marking their bodies until the New World Order marking system is set in motion. This way most people won't think twice about another little mark.

You already have a chip in your new passport, telling the powers that be exactly where you are at any given time. In the near future, you will somehow bear the mark on your body instead, making it impossible for you to hide from the government, just like the Bible has predicted 2000 years ago! Nobody will longer need passports, drivers licence's or money, everything about us will be contained in the mark.

All true Christians will become aliens in the New World, this will make our situation tricky. Especially since nobody will be able to buy or sell anything without the mark. Many will throw away their eternal lives just for the mark, and end up in Hell. Many people put too much value on this earthly life, which actually is of very little value, compared to eternal life with God. Most people are completely ignorant about what is really going on. It's always been like this.

I have been aware of the sinister plans of the new world government for as long as I can remember, because I like to know what is going on. Even before I met God and became a Christian I knew a lot. The evil one, our accuser is the force behind the NWO. Just like God, he also uses people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for him or just the money. The evil people behind the NWO are satanists, luciferians and lovers of money. They are very rich, most people will do anything for money and luxury, so money is how the evil one leads them to their noose.

We are taught from the time that we are born that "money makes the world go round".

Camden, London © Benjamin Antell

It's just a BIG lie, but most of us fall for it. When you live for God, you don't need to think about money, because God takes care of all your needs if you do his will. For the children of the world, this is not necessarily so. Sure God also blesses people who aren't Christians. Why does He do that? I believe that He does it just because He loves people. Those who do not know God, only get short lives here on Earth, while those who love the Lord get eternal lives.

When I die, I i hope to meet God for real. That's why I'm not very interested in this world. This world is not my home, it's just a place where I need to be for a while. I'm here to do the will of God, and not much else really.

Like most people, I have wasted a lot of time, due to ignorance and lack of wisdom, but the Lord has kicked my butt like I asked Him to, if I lost focus. Hopefully I will hopefully stay awake for the rest of my final journey here on planet Earth, until it's time for me to leave. It will be nice to finally shake the dust off my boots, I sure won't miss this place. I'm only here because of the Lord.

London, photo © Benjamin Antell

I've been near death many times, but the Lord saved me, because He has a purpose for me, just like He has for you! We    need to do God's will,    try it!


Between the lines Feb/07/2010:

Jews flee Malmö as anti-Semitism grows



WRITE 706 • May • 22 • AA 2010 South Wartzor



Foolishness from 1 Corinthians

"God took delight through the preaching of foolishness to save those who believe. and since Jewish people are looking for signs and the Greeks are seeking wisdom, but we are proclaiming a crucified Messiah, on the one hand a stumbling block to Jewish people, and on the other hand foolishness to heathens, but to those who are called, both Jewish and Greeks, we are proclaiming the Messiah of God and proclaiming the power and wisdom of God. Because the foolish thing of God is wiser than men and the weak thing of God is stronger than men".

(text taken from Link: Power New Testament).

It is a translation with Jewish roots.




WRITE 705 • May • 12 • AA 2010 Finland



EASY RIDER the MOVIE with Peter Fonda (as Captain America), Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper, glorified drugs, sex, violence and rock and roll.

The makers of the truly satanic movie made junkies of a generation. What a curse that movie was for many!

Photo © Benjamin Antell

Pot is not to be taken lightly. It is just as evil as all other drugs, which open the doors to the evil spirit world. Many of my old friends are dead now, just because of drugs and alcohol. The few that are still barely "alive" are prisoners of the drugs of their choice. Many smokers hide from their family in basements, attics or in the woods with their joints, ashamed of their unbreakable habits. Many live in denial at the same time, claiming "not to be" slaves under their drug habits... How silly is that? The poor guys are have turned into pathetic losers, with lives going absolutely nowhere!

This is how the devil works...

Benjamin Antell

He weaves his web tightly around us daily, trying desperately to tie us up to the "world", through music, art, media, drugs, pride, lust, alcohol, porn, you name it, he is behind all the detrimental and toxic stuff. The evil one will do anything in his power to keep us away from the love of Jesus Christ, whom he hates with uncontrollable vengeance. There is only ONE WAY out of spiritual bondage, and this is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ is the only name on Earth, by which we can be set totally free and saved! Christ comes bundled with joy and peace!

The supergroup The Cream once sang:

I'm so glad, I'm so glad, I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm so glad!

Naturally, The Cream had no clue what they were singing about at the time, but for me this has turned into a reality. I'm so glad all the time, it's almost silly. Rumours are that Eric Clapton, the lead singer of The Cream has found the Lord these days! In that case, if that is the case, he must be glad for real by now then.

I really liked Ginger Baker's playing when I was young and I once had a word with him. He was worried because of his sin in life (we all have a God given conscience). I told him about how God forgives us our sin if we truly repent in Jesus' name. He really listened and seemed glad.



WRITE 704 • May • 10 • AA 2010 Finland



Listened to a friend on the Internet, who claimed that President Andrew Jackson was "very" Christian...

There is NO such thing as "very" Christian person!

Either you have repented or not.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

You are either a Christian (follower of Jesus Christ) or not. Nobody can be "more" Christian. Some people who don't know Christ, or are ignorant, often call themselves religious. Naturally some people draw nearer God than others, but that's another story, it does not however make them more "Christian" or really, really Christian. Religious people are those that think that they can get eternal life through ritual. This has nothing to do with Christianity! God wants us to get to know Him on an intimate level. This is the reason why Jesus had to die. Without a blood sacrifice we could never have been forgiven our sin, and never seen God. It's by the Grace of God that we are saved, so that no man can boast. When you are close to God, joy will fill your heart.

let there be light

Darkness leaveS when the light of God enters your heart. A large palace room will be lit up by one little candle. That's how God's light works, He is my light in the dark! Where there is light, there can be no more darkness. Darkness will flee as soon as the light is introduced.

Some people tell me to think for myself.

Rewel Center, VASA.


Photo © Benjamin Antell

I am thinking for myself, that's how I found God

in the first place, duh!

One silly girl once told me "what about you", she thought – like satanists –    that it was "a sacrifice too great" to follow the Lord and give up your own desires. It's no great sacrifice to me, I don't "really" miss anything that the world had to offer.    My will to follow God is greater. God is so good, I love Him to bits. I guess you just can't understand the Love of God until you actually find Him (I sure didn't). I do know one thing for sure, a lazy person will never find the Father!

PS. After a fast you can get lot's of old and new questions answered by the Lord! You should ask the Lord how long you should fast, He knows. Some people only fast for a day, while others fast longer. It all depends on what the Lord says. If you don't hear His voice, this could also be a way to get to know Him better. Don't tell others when you fast, keep it between yourself and God so that he can bless you!

May you receive the power of the Lord!




WRITE 703• May • 03 • AA 2010 Finland



People around us, often want us to do things

which we are not called to do!

Photo © Benjamin Antell

Some just take for granted, that if God uses you in one thing, you can probably function in another. This is dangerous, we need to "know" exactly what God wants us to do. If we are ignorant, the Spirit of Jezebel (or some other spirit) can come in and derail us. Jez always wants people to work in the wrong field, or to be in the right area at the "wrong time", she is a destroyer. I have sometimes been asked to do the wrong thing in churches, but I've turned them down, because I know what I'm supposed to do. – Don't get me wrong, when I am helping out in a church I always respect the pastor's authority. I can temporarily help in other areas, but not change and do something that I'm not supposed to do, on a daily basis! It is imperative that we talk to God daily and listen to what Holy Spirit (our Helper/Teacher) wants us to do. It is also imperative that we spend time in God's word on a daily basis, and pray like there's no tomorrow.

It may sometimes feel hard to pray to an invisible God, but it is very important. The more we get to know him, the more visible he becomes! It is also important that we learn to praise the Lord, even in song and dance. He is worthy our praise. We must become like children, after all we are born into the Heavenly realm by our Holy Father. He loves each and every one of us dearly, no matter what happens in our lives. We also need to understand that there is an evil one who is eagerly waiting for us to slip up, so that he can derail us.

As long as we stay in the Glory, the devil can't touch us. He can't stand the Glory or praise music. So be sure to praise the Lord for all you are worth. Burn your secular CD's, or hang them in your fruit garden, to ward off the birds.

One more thing about the evil one.

Photo © Benjamin Antell

The devil is not at all like God, he is just a created being. As such he can never be in more than one place at a time. So if you think that you have seen him, you are most certainly mistaken. There are many different evil spirits, angels and demons.

"Mother Mary" and other demi-gods.

The evil one has many helpers, evil spirits, angels and demons awaiting their doom (God has his angels and satan has the fallen ones). These evil creatures are often shape shifters, they can look like anything really. Some of them take human form, while others look like monsters, objects, mother Mary (lady Fathima and other false Mary apparitions), eastern demi-gods or mythical figures. Evil spirits do at times pretend to be dead relatives. If you think that you have talked to your dead relatives, think again (common amng Catholics). Evil spirits are impersonators, that have often lived side by side with, or resided in human bodies. Naturally they will know everything about their former hosts! Don't talk to the evil spirits – unless you need to – they often lie so you need to be allert. Demons are evil by nature and sometimes not very smart, although some of them can be very cunning. One thing that makes them incredibly dumb, is the fact that they once revolted against their maker, only an utter fool would do such a thing.

Don't let the devil get you!

Uncle Ben

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Between the lines Feb/07/2010:

Jews flee Malmö as anti-Semitism grows


PS, I sometimes highlight words in the scriptures that I quote. Always check your own Bible to confirm God's word!

Camera case syndrome, Photo: Benjamin Antell

I'm not trying to put anyone down with my Write, I'm just trying to convey what God has put on my heart. I feel that that life is too short, to just shut up and go with the flow, when people suffer under all kinds of bondage, when they actually could be set free through Christ. If you sin, honestly repent ASAP and ask the Lord to forgive you in Jesus' name. He will forgive you because of Jesus' blood offering on Calvary!