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People who meet God for real, always want to put things right between themselves and others.

The first thing that he did after meeting God, was to call up everybody that he had done wrong. He also paid back everybody that he owed money, which was a lot of cash. It took a long time, but now he is free to enjoy his life in the Lord.

It's a great feeling to be able to start all over

with a clean slate!

There are unfortunately those that go on living like before, even though they have met God. Their lives suck big time, because they can never know the true peace! If their personal life is a wreck, they really have nothing to share. It is important that we obey the Lord, and do what is right and orderly. We must have Jesus as a living example in our lives. It is easy to see what He would do in our place, if we read the Bible.

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Jesus was always just and proper in every way.

He never sinned, not even once. That is why God accepted Him as a living sacrifice for our sins. We need to obey His Word if we want to live righteous lives through Him and see Heaven. One great wonder is the fact the we can always expect to be forgiven if we swallow the bitter pill of Pride and ask the Lord and everybody else for forgiveness. Honesty is the key to a full life.


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WRITE 690 • March • 22 • AA 2010 South Wartzor



Dancing in the spirit:

Between the lines: Praise Break


WRITE 689 • March • 10 • AA 2010 South Wartzor


We've managed to turn the world into a nightmare,

I wonder how pleased God is with us at the moment?

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The world could be a better place

if we all took our lives more seriously!

The church is snoring too, we are hard at zzz, that is one reason why people go to mediums, bars, read horoscopes and all that rubbish. People are losing their way because we, the "so called" Christians don't care. We just sit in church warming up the pew, thinking about our pot roast and going to the beach as we yawn our way through the obligatory sermon. Then we tithe a buck as the collection box approaches.

God must be pleased?

I'm not saying that I'm better than the rest of the crazy bunch called humans. I am looking for God's will in my life though. I asked Him to give me a stronger thirst for more of Him and He is responding! I'm a very happy man, I'm so happy it almost makes me blush thinking about all the sad ones out there, even in some churches. Seem's to me like our MAJOR problem actually is laziness!

People feel comfortable in front of their TV sets,

gulping down whatever the network barfs on them.

I used to sit in front of the TV myself, until I asked God to kick me where the sun don’t shine. He responded in great haste to that also WHAM! I'm glad that He (probably) inspired me to ask Him for that favour. God always seems to respond to unselfish prayers. Now I try my best to listen as He tells me what to do with my life. People ask me how I know God's voice. It's not that hard really, we just have to learn to be patient, to stop looking at our watches believing that we are in a hurry. Most of the time we are in a hurry going nowhere. Think about your life, how you spend your days and WHY you work with what you do. The demon of logic often clouds our judgment. Most people seem to think that they need a lot of money, and they don’t understand that GOD can provide for his own, when they do his will. Sometimes it’s the lack of trust.

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I rarely need any extra cash, because I don't buy stuff all the time like I used to. I don't go to the movies, I rarely eat out. I don't need any hobbies because it's much more fun to spend time with God. It really is, I get to see miracles of all sorts as I pray for people, even physical, spiritual and financial wonders. Many of my friends spend lots of money on lotteries etc. They seem to focus a LOT on the god of money all the time. Their excuse often being, "oh if I win a lot of money, then I can help people". That's a really stupid excuse, because rich people normally get more greedy and invest their money instead of being generous. A friend of mine who was afraid of dying, stopped being afraid after he received an inheritance! He used to say he would help people if he won on the lottery. After getting 2 cars, two houses, a boat and cash he still didn’t help anybody! And he just enjoyed what he could buy and became very proud.

I don't save money in the bank!

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God will take care of my rainy day. I believe that we should put our money to use and not hoard it. There are many out there who need help right now. Don't you think a just God will judge us for letting them suffer while we have the means to help them? You don't need to be rich to help others, sometimes 5 bucks or less can help a person in need. Just think if 5 million people would give 1 dollar each to a relief fund, the sum would amount to 5 million bucks! We need to be open to God so that we can hear Holy Spirit as He whispers into our hearts. He will guide us if we listen!

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We can also help in other ways, we can help old people by sweeping their steps when it snows, or help them carry their bags from the store. Pull them out of ditches etc. So what if you don't know them, they are our brothers and sisters, or as Jesus puts it our neighbors.

We need to help the Jews!

This is from their site: They are crying out for help—my people, the Jewish people in Jerusalem living in poverty and struggling to survive. Lack of food sends the young and old alike to bed with empty stomachs…and hurting hearts. They wonder if anyone cares. The coming feast of Passover is a wonderful opportunity to show them that we do. The poverty rate in Jerusalem is staggering, far above the national average. Many of those doing without are elderly Russian Jews—who fled here from the same bigotry and persecution that saw my great grandfather burned to death inside his synagogue in Minsk. These precious people hoped for a better life, but far too many of them have found only disillusionment and disappointment. The government of Israel cannot provide for their needs. Most of the elderly have no family living in Israel, and most of the young are in families which cannot find any work. They will not have anything to celebrate at Passover.

But together we can change that!



WRITE 688 • March • 03 • AA 2010 South Wartzor


Are you sure that you are saved?

Many base their faith on a little prayer and continue to live like before in the world without true repentance! Naturally we can't go on as usual, living in sin. We need to change our behaviour as proof that we do believe. That is what the word “believe” really means! Some delude themselves into believing that they can live lustful lives in sexual sin even though they are Christians, but God will never allow eternal life to those who live immoral lives. The Word says, “One man, one woman”. No sin will ever enter the kingdom of God. When we receive Christ as our Saviour we need to ask Holy Spirit to guide us, so that we learn what is God's will. If we love God, we will serve Him gladly. And we will gladly cast away anything that hinders us in our spiritual growth. We can ask God to help us forgive others, and live clean lives. Some of us have hurt, and have a hard time showing affection, since we were never given affection ourselves. If that is the case just ask God to help you to love, and to heal your soul. He “will” do it, perhaps not over night (even though this is also possible for some) but in time. God loves to answer unselfish prayers. Some think that a Holy life is boring, but it is not so! I have never been more happy. I was 21 and fed up with the world when I met God. I have never regretted following Christ. I was sad for a while when I lost all my old friends, but then again, they can't have been good friends since they dumped me just for finding God!

I'm not bitter or angry at anybody, that's not a part of my life any more. We have to do our best to live in peace with those around us when we walk “in love” with the Lord.

If somebody gets angry with me for preaching the Word of God, then let them be angry, that is not my problem.

Video link: Paul Washer - Shocking Message (full length)


Uncle Ben's (aka Thalonen's) WRITE 688

- March/03/ AA 2010 South Wartzor



Most people don't seem to know what religion is!


Some say that I'm religious because I have a relationship with God. To state that this makes me “religious” is pure lunacy. I also have an intimate relationship with my wife, does that make me religious? Of course not, therefore, neither does my relationship with God make me religious! I don’t need a religious faith to know God, or someone else that I have met. Religions are created by satan to keep us in bondage, religion is just a mind game, which doesn't necessarily have one iota to do with reality.

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My relationship with God however is tangible, real and close in the Spirit. It has nothing to do with mind games, religion or theory. I am real and God is real, just like my wife is real. If I reach out my hand to touch Holy Spirit, I can actually feel His presence, just like I can feel other things physically! That's just the way it is. I just tried it, and He responded immediately. God, Jesus and Holy Spirit are alive and well, and you can get to know them if you want to. It will cost you a great deal in the long run, but what you get instead is worth even “more”. Most people NEVER give Jesus a chance to prove to them that He is the one He claims to be! When I looked for God, I wanted an objective relationship, not an eastern “philosophy” which only dabbles with thought (mind games) where you supposedly create an "inner reality"...some cal it truth, but it's all BS. I wanted the real thing, and through Jesus I did find God, just like He promises that we will in His Word the Bible. I definitely did not want anything to do with religion.

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I know people who are “religious”, most people are. They worship different doctrines, philosophies and even the creation instead of the Creator. I could never worship anyone that wasn't tangible. Holy Spirit touches every day, so I can never, ever doubt Him. Anybody can get to know Him through Jesus Christ/Yeshua the Messiah. Some people think that I brag when I talk about my visions and what I know. Why would I brag? In myself I can do nothing, I'm just a human without any special powers. I only make myself available to Holy Spirit, and that is why He uses people. Not because I'm special or better than anybody else. He will use anybody who follows him and wants to be of use in the Kingdom of God. Also history repeatedly confirms Jesus Christ.

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Gary Habermas wrote a book: The Verdict of History. In it he mentions 39 antique sources confirming the life of Jesus Christ. I have written about the topic before on my write...

His homepage:

En Face

But why settle for information from books when you can meet Jesus in person? When I mention book, I'm not referring to the Bible, because the Bible is not a book per se. I have seen Jesus many times, I talk with Him all the time. You can also have a dialogue with Holy Spirit and God, not just a monologue! Thanks to Jesus we can approach the Throne of God anytime, when we come in Jesus' name.

And remember: only dead fish go “with” the flow.



Uncle Ben’s WRITE 687

- March/02/ AA 2010 South Wartzor






PS, I sometimes highlight words in the scriptures that I quote. Always check your own Bible to confirm God's word!

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I'm not trying to put anyone down with my Write, I'm just trying to convey what God has put on my heart I also feel that that life is too short, to just shut up and go with the flow, when people suffer under all kinds of bondage, when they could in fact be set free in Christ.