WRITE 804 • December 23 • 2015 Finland.


I am baptising people into the kingdom of God at the moment. in my new bathtub.

Just like apostle Paul also I have a "thorn" in my side, a menacing person (an angel of satan) who claims to be a Christian even though he lives pretty much like the devil. He has stopped some friends from getting baptised. Sad but true. Some people can't tell Darkness from the Light. These evil men, agents of satan are VERY manipulative, like snakes... But then again, their father is the greatest snake alive. They preach a gospel of a fake Grace that requires no repentance... Oh well.

PS. Just about any Jew can tell you that a "thorn in the side" is a "menacing neighbour". When I asked God about the thorn in the side of Paul, God said it was a menacing Pharisee.


WRITE 803 • December 21 • 2015 Finland.


My bath tub arrived today!

Many people want to get baptised after coming to faith. During the winter it is very cold in Finland so I have to baptise people in bath tubs at the moment. The angels of the Lord dance when people do get baptised. Som baptise their infants, but that is just dumb, because it is not biblical. A baby is sin free anyway, innocent. Baptism in water is only required of adults, or anyone who know's what they are doing. Infant baptism is totally worthless and unbiblical. Don't take my word for it, check your Bibles! It didn’t happened before 400AD.

PS. You don't have to be a grown up to be baptised, but you have to know what you are doing. Sometimes the Lord will lead children to get baptised as well, but NEVER infants. The baptism is a personal stand that we take as we wish to grow in the Lord.

At the moment I have two persons coming from abroad and three from around where I live and towns nearby.

Is my baptism valid?

I’ve posted a PDF file on this “BOOKS” page that explains the baptism in greater detail! It is a little pampflet I wrote some years back since very few seem to understand what the baptism is all about. Some friends of mine translated it to english for me since it was originally written in Swedish.

God Bless you all!



WRITE 802 • December 16 • 2015 Finland.


The world has turned into a war zone. Islam is destroying the west bit by bit and everybody just stand there as if hypnotized...not good.

Most Muslims have never actually read the Quran... However there might be as many as 180 million radical muslims in the world today! That means that the silent majority is non-important. The radical ones could already destroy the entire world, if they only could manage to organize themselves.

Beheading cats for fun?

In Sweden young muslim boys now torture and behead animals for fun and brag about it on social media, makes you wonder what kind of parents they have. Perhaps this will make the Swedes wake up, they (as well as many others) seem to love animals more than humans.

Some say Islam has a lot in common with Christianity?

I fail to see that. Christianity is not even a religion so how could they be alike?

Christianity is all about a Relationship (not a religion) with God through Lord Jesus Christ. The God of the Bible is LOVE!

Ignorant people who hate Christianity nearly always point to the Old Testament, since they don´t understand that the OT is an old covenant that God made with the Jews, and that the New Testament is a totally New Covenant the God made with everybody on our planet who wishes to follow Jesus. By following Jesus, God means for us: To obey all His commands in love.

The New Testament is the "final update" of God´s Word and a covenant of LOVE to the world!

Throughout the New Testament God commands the followers of Lord Jesus Christ to love all peoples, even their enemies, just as Jesus forgave the evil men that tortured and murdered Him, He wants us to forgive those who are mean to us. If we forgive, we will also be forgiven.

So what is Islam?

It is just one of many religions of which most are religions of Death. Quran believing muslims have much in common with satanists and Luciferians! Muslims who are true to the Quran seem to love to torture, rape and murder people since the Quran commands them to do so! I have heard many imams in mosques say that non-muslims are only cattle and that it is OK to kill them! Islam is not a peaceful religion, it is violent and brute.

I have read the Quran, so you can't fool me. And oh yes, just like in satanism also lying is also a good thing in Islam. There are two ways of lying to non-muslims, taqiyya and kitman. Mulims are supposed to LIE if it advances the cause of Islam! So how can you have a civil discussion with them, it is simply NOT possible. Because of the religious lies inhereted in Islam, a muslim can unfortunately not be trusted.

No “true” follower of Jesus Christ could ever lie, rape, torture or murder, since it is forbidden in the Word of God, the Bible! A man who calls himself a Christian and breaks God's commandments (a hypocrite) cannot ever hope to see the kingdom of God.

Without true repentance (fear of God) and holiness there can be no salvation! “We all need to be born again”.

Tell your muslim friends the Good News of Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, the king of Kings! They too deserve better lives in peace joy and above all, from freedom from all religions.

PS. Satan who created all the religions of the world, did so to keep you in bondage and fear. Lord Jesus wants to set you free. Have a word with God NOW, tell Him that you want to get to know Lord Jesus. Tell Him you are sorry for the past, ask Him to give you a New life!

Peace of God over you life!


PS, I sometimes highlight words in the scriptures that I quote. Always check your own Bible to confirm God's word!

I'm not trying to put anyone down with my Write, I'm just trying to convey what God has put on my heart I also feel that that life is too short, to just shut up and go with the flow, when people suffer under all kinds of bondage, and could in fact be set free in Christ.