Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 490 - 2008 04 19 South Wartzor



Found some Sand Dollars on the beach in San Diego once. I don't see how anything this beautiful could be the result of an explosion (BIG BANG). I blew up lots of stuff when I lived Down Under as a kid, nothing looks pretty after a blast I think God was having a lot of fun when He made all these beautiful things.

Since I have met God personally, there's no way that I can doubt Him. But still even if I didn't know Him, I would personally have to agree that this is very intelligent design.

Sand Dollar © Benjamin Antell, San Diego.


To those who don't know the Lord Jesus, King of Kings. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are ONE. Nobody understands it, but it doesn't matter, that's just the way it is. Jesus is the only door to God. The Holy Spirit is our helper, who guides us on Earth, as we pray to God in Jesus name for guidance.

When Jesus died for our sins, we became His heirs. So we stand to inherit everything from Jesus. Through Him we inherit he Kingdom of God. One for all and all for one, sound familiar?

Whatever you do, don't let the devil get you, Uncle Ben



Uncle Ben's (Almost Daily) WRITE 489 - 2008 04 14 South Wartzor



Even I thought that Buddhist monks were peaceful.

Photo © Benjamin Antell 2008

You hear is so often that after a while you believe it. That's how it is with lies, tell them often enough and people will believe you. The monks on TV were at each other like cats and dogs, fists flying and blood gushing. But then again there was an incident in another country that I wrote about earlier, where monks beat each other with fire distinguishers.

How come people look up to Dalai Llama? I've never ever heard him say anything intelligent (so far). He is a religious man who does not believe in God. Here in Europe, people think that Buddhist believe in God, they know nothing about the religions they defend! Most people think that people from all religions pray to the same God, they don't even know that God is never even mentioned in some religions. And almost nobody seems to know that all religions were concocted by satan, to keep us in bondage!

Christianity is NOT a religion, it is a “relationship”. People who are not spiritual don’t understand this! Without my relatonship with God through Holy Spirit, I would never have become a Christian, since no religion has ever interested me one iota.

Europe is becoming like the dark ages when it comes to faith and Christianity. Many say that they are Christians, even though they don't even know who the Holy Spirit is! Without the Holy Spirit in your life, you are living in spiritual darkness. He is like a real person, and His mission is to teach and guide us until Jesus returns.

Old Town, Stockholm © Benjamin Antell 2008

Want to hear something really CRAZY? I know this might be hard to believe, but the Finnish State Church had a meeting where they blessed dogs! Dogs today turkeys tomorrow? That's what happens when religion takes over and the Holy Spirit is uninvited. Blind priests messing around with witchcraft in the State Lutheran Church of Finland. I am glad that I've never been a member of that weird church. Still I feel ashamed (as a Christian) that they have taken the Lord's name in vain and turned my Father's house into a Lunatic Asylum.

Whatever you do, don't let the devil get you, Uncle Ben




Good News

Al Jazeera: 6 million muslims accept Christianity per year!